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Voltage Energy
"The Body Electric"

When voltage is normal in the body, energy flows through all electrical circuits to make the cells, organs, blood, lymph and hormones, etc. work efficiently. When we get sick or have subnormal health, the voltage energy drops. When we get sicker and sicker, voltage will be low until there is no voltage at death. We are electrical beings much before we are chemical beings. Voltage dictates chemistry. 

What lowers the Voltage in a body?

We’ve identified five different things that make batteries lose their charge and flip their polarity. 


Firstly, you have to have adequate amounts of thyroid hormone because the thyroid hormone T3 controls the voltage of every cell membrane in the body. It also controls the total number of mitochondria of the body, which are little power stations that provide ATP, which provides the electrons for cells to actually do their job.


Secondly, we look for scars and tatoos. Remember, surrounding all of our muscles is a stocking of fascia, that’s our body’s wiring system, so if you have a scar that intersects that, it’s a problem. Fascia allows electrons to flow through easily, but if you put a scar or a tattoo on it, the electrons can’t go anyplace because the wiring system has been damaged by the scar or tattoos.


Thirdly, we look at dental infections. As an embryo is developing, the brain begins to develop first and then circuits go from the brain down into the body. As they pass down into the body, they go through very specific teeth, and so our teeth actually become an integrated part of every circuit in the body. If you have decay in a tooth and you’re trying to put a circuit through there, you can see how the decay would act as a resistor and drop the voltage. In addition, if you have an infection from a tooth that goes out into the bone around it, which always happens in a root canal tooth (because the tooth is dead), eventually over time the infection passes from the tooth into the bone around it. As it passes into the bone, it shorts the circuit out almost completely and that can cause the polarity to flip. You can have the same thing happen if you had a tooth pulled and got an infection in the bone where the tooth was pulled. So again, a common problem with people developing any illness is to have an infection in a bone around the tooth. By the way, that infection can be there for 30 or 40 years and not cause pain but then short the circuit out. 


Fourthly, we look at emotions. Our emotions are stored in the body’s magnetic fields very much like a DVD writer uses a magnetic needle to write images on a platter. That’s the way both our memories and our emotions are stored in the body. If we think about an orchestra playing, if all the instruments are in tune, it’s beautiful music, but if one of the violins is out of tune, that’s what you hear screeching in front of all the rest of the music. Our memories are stored with frequencies that are in tune with the body and so our body’s happy for them to be there, but our emotions are stored with frequencies that are out of tune, and so they’re very much like the out-of-tune violin. This causes “screeching” 24/7, and we don’t want to hear that, so we make a little block around that noise and that keeps us from having to think about that emotion every day, but it also blocks the circuit and drops the voltage. That’s how this whole mind-body connection works: When you put a wall around an attitude or emotion, it blocks a circuit and lowers the voltage. Every circuit in the body runs at a different frequency, sort of like different radio stations, so the various power packs are actually a bunch of circuits that each run at a different frequency. Emotions also are different frequencies and resonate with each other. For example, anger resonates with the liver/gallbladder circuit and will be stored in that circuit. Fear resonates with the kidney/bladder circuit. Worries resonate with the spleen/stomach circuit, and so on. So, each emotion gets stored in a specific circuit because of its frequency resonance with that circuit.

Fifthly, we look for electron stealers. What can we do about it? Well, the human body is an electromagnet and all electromagnets are surrounded by a magnetic field. The magnetic field is a reflection of all the information that’s stored in the electromagnet, so in humans, our magnetic field goes out about five feet or so. If I walk into up close to you and I enter inside that five feet space around you, I’m actually walking through your memories, but of course, I don’t have the receptor to read them. On the other hand, if I bump into one of your emotions, it’s very much like I’m walking down a sidewalk and there’s a gust of wind that hits me in the face. So, if I’m paying attention, I can actually feel myself bump into one of your emotions. Because emotions are frequencies, they can be tuned with scalar energy and sound, so if I apply either one of those to that emotion I will actually tune it back into a frequency that is in-tune with your body. What I’ve done is tune an emotion into being just a memory.


So we look at thyroid, scars, dental infections, emotions, and also electron stealers (such as bacteria, viruses, fungus, pesticides, heavy metals) also known as toxins. Each one of those has a specific pattern of frequencies, and you can collapse that frequency by inserting the same frequency out-of-phase. The two collapse in on each other and disappear, and in physics, that’s called destructive interference. One can scan the body and find the frequencies that don’t belong and then put those frequencies out-of-phase in a little bottle, shine scalar energy through that into the body, and then use destructive interference to collapse those toxins. That’s how we like to deal with toxins that are in the body. 


In summary, the theory that we work under is that no matter what’s wrong with the body, we will measure the circuit of the power supply that goes to whatever organ we’re considering and can confirm that it is has lost its voltage and that it has flipped its polarity. We then will flip the polarity back, begin to recharge that battery pack, and then we’ll start figuring out why it lost its voltage in the first place. So if you’re going to treat anything in the way we apply our theory, we have to look at each one of these and we have to be able to treat them. Once we correct all of them, then we have removed the reason that you’ve lost the power and restored the -50 millivolts so you can make new cells and begin the process of healing.

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