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Personal Health Retreat

*  3 Days, 2 Nights

Personal  Health Retreat 

All Inclusive 


Dragonfly Special

Personal Health Retreat

3 Days, 2 Nights All Inclusive $450 + GST tax

Included complimentary Health Assessments &Therapies

Spa Treats, Food & Accommodation

Exclusive personal care by Joanne whatever can be accomplished during this time frame.

Be sure to special request anything that is important to you.

Health Assessments


Adrenal Stress Test

Zinc Tally Test

Quantum Organ System Test

Iridology Organ Toxicity Test

Voltage Energy Test

Rife Parasite & Microbe Test

Rife Candia Fungus Yeast Test

Food Sensitivity Test

Supplement Compatibility Test

Self-Test Questionnaires



Nutrient Recommendations

Dietary Improvements

Hydrogen-Oxygen Therapy

Rife Frequency Therapy

PEMF Circulation Frequency

Voltage Energy Therapy

EMF Emotional Technique

Ion Foot Detox

Scar Tissue Meridian Balancing

Aromatherapy Oil Inhalation

Colonic Therapy

Lymph Frequency Therapy

Herbal Tea Cleansing

Fresh Juicing

Body-Mind Balancing

Anxiety Emotional Balancing

pH Alkalinity Balancing

Rhythmic Breath Work

Nebulizer Lung Therapy



Vibrational Healing

Facial & Head Massage

Foot Reflexology

Raindrop Oil Massage

Aromatherapy Massage

Epsom Salt Soaking Bath

Aromatherapy Bath

Red Light/Infrared Light Therapy

Neck & Shoulder Massage


& Food

Queen Bed or

Queen Bed with Balcony

Access to all social rooms


All Meals * Drinks included

Specialized Dietary:

Regular, Vegan, or Vegetarian

Fasting-Cleansing Program

Guest Refrigerator if bringing your own food

Order your Menu in advance.

Welcome to join in with the Cooking!

Recommended Schedule or No Schedule, if preferred:


8-9 am Breakfast

9- 10:30 Therapy

10:30 - 12noon Therapy

12 -1pm Lunch

1-2 pm Therapy

2-4pm Solitary Time

4-5pm Therapy

5-7pm Dinner

7-8pm Therapy

8pm Solitary Time or to the Beach for Walk & Sunset

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