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Logo of Dragonfly
Dragonfly Medicine House
An oasis for respite, bed & breakfast, retreats, spa, and natural health care

Health Retreat Spa and Bed & Breakfast 
Lucknow, Ontario, at Lake Huron

  The Spirit of Dragonfly is




Let go, renew and refresh, alone, or with friends, family members, or your sweetheart.

Dwell and drink in the beauty, majesty, and graciousness of the century-old house,

gardens, and sacred spaces.

The philosophy at Dragonfly Medicine House is simple; 

Love God and Love each other.

Join us at our Wellness Getaway Retreat Spa & Health Clinic at

Lake Huron, south-west coast of Ontario, Canada.

You deserve the best!

Dragonfly Library Guest Queen Bedroom

Getaway Stays
Bed & Breakfast

Rest, renew

and rejuvenate.

Retreat Programs
Personal & Group

Experience, learn, be inspired

and enjoy!

Nature's Gathering Room at Dragonfly Medicine House Retreat
Wellness Spa room at Dragonfly Medicine House

Wellness Spa

Get pampered with caring, loving attention.

Health Clinic


Assessments & Therapies

for profound

health improvements.

State-of the Art assessment tools and therapies to restore your health.
Fresh Green Juice & Food

Personal Health

Come for 2 nights, 3 days to rest and rejuvenate only, OR to receive all Health Assessments, Therapies and Spa Treats that you desire and can fit in as you relax in a peaceful environment.

$450 all inclusive

meals & accommodation

Swim in the pool, walk on the beach, experience the sunset, or just dream by the fire.

Enjoy the remarkable spa services, perhaps while doing a juice cleanse or whole foods eating.

Beautiful  Sandy Boiler Beach Kincardine Lake Huron Ontario
Inground Pool at Dragonfly Medicine House near Kincardine Ontario
Fire & Drum at Amberly Beach Shore Lake Huron Ontario

Experience the stunning, healing power of Lake Huron with its clean, clear waters for a swim.

Walk or or just relax on the beautiful beach of sand, pebbles, sun drenched skies, and world famous sunsets!

Sunset at Boiler Beach Kincardine Lake Huron Ontario
Logo of Dragonfly

Are you experiencing or suffering from exhaustion, grief, fear, pain, despair, confusion, hopelessness, abandonment, desperation, loneliness, addiction, disconnection, or unresolved health issues?

Dragonfly is here for you.

Here is where there is hope, clear guidance, and healing sessions that can bring you to peace and wholeness.

Come cleanse and strengthen.

Come meditate or pray.

Come repair or just play.

You deserve the best!

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