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Dwell in Peace and Beauty.


This stately, historical home was built in 1908 and made of brick and concrete block. It has retained its natural oak woodwork with a  unique trellis feature in the dining room and living room. The wide open concept is welcoming with a warm, friendly vibe. The kitchen is set up with an inviting juice bar, tea bar and guest refrigerator for those who like to bring their own food. The front porch has a breakfast area along with a sitting area. There are quiet lounge areas

throughout the gardens . Imagine yourself enjoying eating, or playing a game  under the beautiful gazebo after a refreshing swim in the  in-ground pool.

A short 20 minute drive to the beach is a daily event for Dragonfly.  Some will want to  walk for miles on the sandy shores of Lake Huron at Boiler Beach, while others will want to  swim in the pristine water and play with the rhythm of the waves.  De-stressing and connecting with nature at the beach is a simple  joy. The evening brings world renowned  sunsets on the water that  you will not want to miss.  Then watching the moon rise  at Dragonfly calms the mind and nourishes the spirit.

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Due to the number of stairs, we do not have disability access.

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3 Bedrooms & 2 Shared Bedrooms
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Outdoors at Dragonfly
Boiler Beach & Amberly Beach
Food & Drink
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