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Energy Healing
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Vibrational Healing

Relax, restore, rejuvenate!

Body Electric
Have you noticed how good you can feel with an ocean breeze blowing on you, the ringing of church bells, the warmth of the sun on your whole body, the grounded feeling of the beating of a drum, the singing of a hymn, and recitation of a prayer? We are electrical beings just as we are chemical beings. When our body resonates with good forms of sound and light, we adjust our vibration to realign ourselves with healing and  the nourishment of our souls.

What is Light & Sound Healing and Therapeutic TouchWork ?

All parts of your body vibrate naturally with energy. Interference in these vibrations can cause spiritual, mental, emotional and physical discomfort. Light and Sound Healing uses tuning forks, light, and a laying on of hands to bring the body’s natural energy vibrations back to a state of harmony.

Therapeutic Touchwork is whereby the Practitioner scans the body with her hands to feel any dense congestion. Next, the hands scoop the density away from the body until it feels light and clear. This helps to remove congestion and pain. It is followed by tuning the body to its natural frequencies through Sound and Light Healing.

Sound and Light Healing originated hundreds of years ago. Monks used bells to cleanse and balance the chakra energy centers for many centuries. Today, for ease and accuracy, special, high quality tuning forks and sound bowls are used along with bells to re-establish the body's natural health frequency.

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How does Light and Sound Healing work?

There are energy centers in the body. Each of these center vibrates at a specific and different frequency. Through a process, physicists call sympathetic vibration, a tuning fork vibrating at the  normal vibrational rate can strengthen the vibration. This action “shakes loose” any energy hindering the energy from working as it should. The blocks (physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual) which are shaken loose are then removed. As well, the practitioner places her/his hands above the body without touching the body to feel any congested density. A scooping action with the hands can remove it so that the normal, innate vibration can flow through the electrical centers and to the corresponding organs. This can  strengthen and balance the electro magnetic flow through the body.


What will I do during the session?

During a healing session you will lie comfortably on a massage table. You will rest and relax or sometimes drift into sleep during the healing.


What will it feel like?

Most people feel wonderful, happy, energized, and profoundly relaxed after a healing session. Many people feel lighter and more able to enjoy their life.

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