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Aromatherapy Massage
Relaxing Back Massage

Aromatherapy is a sacred full body, mind and spirit, prayerful experience with massage. During Egyptian times, this was a ritual performed in the ancient temples by the priest and priestesses to prepare one another for their sacred duties. The Essenes also used essential oils in their bodywork in their Jewish temples. This experience is a combination from both cultures. Relax to Egyptian Coptic music while a short Biblical phrase will be spoken before each essential oil is used.

In these times, we are bringing the old temple arts into the modern world, to be experienced by men and women to awaken their own divinity in God our Father. Egyptian Aromatherapy, Sounds and Massage is a gift of touch and a sacred ceremony that will reconnect you to your spiritual wholeness.

The benefits of aromatherapy can be widespread, such as helping reduce stress and anxiety, relieving headaches, and improving the quality of sleep. This is not a deep tissue massage, but instead a rhythmic massage that energetically releases tight, tense muscles bringing a feeling of lightness, freeness to the body, emotions, and clarity of mind.

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You will lie down on a covered table, where your body will be anointed with blended essential oils and by inhalation of Egyptian and Biblical Essential Oils:

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You will relax into the wonderful scents of elixirs. You will heal through harmonic sound vibrations with special Hemi-Sync meditative music. In gentle, loving, measured strokes, the body worker will honor your divine incarnation in form. It transports you to another time and place. You may wish to float in timeless eternity.

A short bible verse can be spoken with each oil used, as optional. Essential oils have been an integral part of the daily lives of people for thousands of years. At least 33 specific essential oils and aromatic oil-producing plants are mentioned in the Bible, and the word “incense” is mentioned 68 times in Scripture. Psalm 45:7-8, Proverbs 27:9, Isaiah 61:3 and Hebrews 1:9 all reference oils in some way, as in “the oil of joy” and “the oil of gladness,” and they speak of how oils “rejoice the heart.”

Essential oils are also referred to in the Bible as fragrances, odors, ointments, aromas, perfumes and sweet savors. In total, there are over 600 references to essential oils and/or the aromatic plants from which they were extracted in the Bible.

This sacred ceremony rebalances your energy levels, increases your circulation and brings full-body relaxation. It is an experience to be honored.


Cyprus Essential Oil

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