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Bed & Breakfast

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   *  Wellness Healing

Why do a personal
Getaway B & B Stay
at Dragonfly Medicine House?
  • To unplug and relax

  • To heal body, mind and soul

  • To work through something

  • To seek clarity

  • To rediscover self

  • To bond with your partner

  • To connect with nature

  • To commune with God

Select a personal Getaway Retreat Plan!

Contact us to book your Getaway.

Tell us which Services you would enjoy to book along with your Getaway Retreat.

Single B & B #1


1 Night, 2 Days

Noon to Noon

Includes Breakast

for Health Practitioners

Couple B & B #1


1 Night, 2 Days

Noon to Noon

Includes Breakfast

for Health Practitioners

Single B & B #2


2 Nights, 3 Days

Noon to Noon

Includes Breakfast

for Health Practitioners

Couple B & B #2


2 Nights, 3 Days

Noon to Noon

Includes Breakfast

for Health Practitioners

Food & Drink


Why Come to Heal & Restore?


To Unplug and Relax

Depending on the type of spiritual retreat you attend, key components will be sitting in stillness, learning how to relax, and letting go of any ego blocks that keep you from peace in your day-to-day. In our culture of constant go-go-go, truly relaxing and unplugging is harder than ever, and attending a spiritual retreat can help you restore balance to your life.


To Heal the Body

The body may need healing from a condition, illness, injury, or trauma. Often hope is given up with no resolution.

But new, natural therapies are available to help or resolve.

To Work Through Something

Big or small, if you have an issue that you want to work on, attending a spiritual retreat is an awesome way to do it.

To work through an issue at a retreat, set an intention for the retreat, and allow any feelings surrounding that issue

to come forward during your sessions. 

Chances are you already have the answers you seek, but sometimes you need a little guidance to see things in a new light.


To Seek Clarity

Like working through a problem, spirituality retreats are great if you’re looking for clarity. Spending time with yourself, working through any mental blocks, and understanding what’s in your heart are all key components of spiritual retreats.


To Connect With Yourself

No matter what roles we play in life — whether that be employee, daughter, son, parent, partner, friend, or entrepreneur — we can easily get caught up in giving so much of ourselves to other people that we forget

to check-in and connect with ourselves.

No matter what kind of spiritual retreat you choose to attend, the goal is to understand and forge

a deeper connection with yourself.

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