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Assessment Tools

Symptom Analysis

Rather than just popping pills, learn how to live the healthy lifestyle to get healthy and STAY healthy. Symptoms can be an expression of underlying issues.

Fruits and Vegetables

Food Sensitivity Testing

Some foods can irritate and stress the body. This can be a problem for digestion, elimination and a weakening of the Immune System.


Live Cell Blood Analysis

A finger prick of blood viewed by Darkfield microscope can reveal stresses on body systems. With proper nutritional support, improvements can be seen and experienced.

Quantum Resonant Magnetic Analyser.jpg

Meridian Organ Analyser

Energy power is sent through the acupuncture meridians to be utilized by the organs. It can be tested and corrected for optimal energy function.

Muscle Test Body Talk.webp

Muscle Test Body-Talk

Muscle Response testing can communicate with the body for its likes, dislikes and directions for healing. It is a subtle communication system with the body, mind, and emotions.

Adrenal Stress Urine Test.webp

Adrenal-Stress Urine Test

The adrenal glands sit on top of the kidneys.

A simple urine test can indicate how well the body is dealing with stress. To heal the body efficiently the body should not be in stress.

Diet Analysis.webp

Dietary Analysis

Taking more supplements is not the same as letting superfoods and medicinal, herbal plants heal the body more naturally. An alkaline diet is key for healing.


Iridology Toxic Organ Analysis

The iris of the eye holds a map of the organs of the body. Marks can be seen as shades of grey toxic accumulation or white lines of healing.

pH Acid Alkaline Test.jpg

pH Acid-Alkaline Test

Cells function best in a slightly alkaline environment. Most often we are too acidic from our poor diets. A simple urine test can give insight into this very important issue.

Supplement Compatibilty Test.webp

Supplement Compatibility Test

Supplement testing done through muscle testing can determine which foods make the body weak or strong.  Are they friendly?

Or do they aggravate the body.

Parasite Bacteria Fungal Rife Scan.webp

Parasite, Bacteria, Fungal, Viral

Rife Frequency Scan

The presence of microbes can over-stress the Immune System to affect and harm the blood and organs. A biofeedback device can identify the energy of microbes.

At Home Self Tests.webp

At-Home Self Tests

You can monitor and assess your health such as thyroid, adrenal, urine and more issues by doing some simple self-tests at home. Helpful tests for thyroid, adrenal, blood pressure & oxygen.

Heavy Metal Mineral Lab Test.webp

Mineral & Heavy Metal Lab Test

Hair Analysis can be sent to a lab for the presence of heavy metals, and for mineral status. Minerals and oxygen carry the quality of vitality while heavy metals do not.

Voltage Meter.jpg

Voltage Power Organ & Cell  Test

We commonly carry excess electricity in our body that depletes the cell. We need to have that electricity to be grounded, so nutrients can get into the cells.

 Young Woman Contemplating

Mental-Emotional Blockage Test

Emotional and mental issues can produce anxiety and fear. In turn they can disrupt the energy meridian flow to the body organs and into the cells. The mind and emotions need to be working for the body instead of against it.

Lifestyle Assessment.webp

Lifestyle Assessment

Long term non-beneficial habits need to be identified. New habits are adapted to live a healthy lifestyle.

Medical Doctor Reports.webp

Medical Doctor Reports

Learn how to understand blood results and reports from your doctor. Assess the clarity of communication with your doctor. to be more effective.

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You deserve the best!

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