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Joanne Brophy

Founder & General Manager of Dragonfly Medicine House

& Jade Natural Clinic

Fasting, Cleansing & Detoxification Guide

Joanne has been in private practice as an herbalist and holistic practitioner for over 30 years.


She became well known in the Waterloo, Ontario as she reliably empowered individuals with her knowledge and guidance. The result was their recovery and maintenance of good health, often despite severely challenging and disheartening diagnoses.


Joanne believes... “When people receive practical wisdom and realistic lifestyle advice that they can follow, they get to know their own bodies. The world of supplements and therapies can be daunting.  Her job is to educate and guide people safely while facilitating their self-sufficiency. Once you have healed yourself, you can do it again and again.”


Joanne can speak from experience.  As a single Mother she was diagnosed with severe ovarian cancer at age 35. Her two boys were also suffering from serious health challenges.


She never lost faith. She prayed, meditated, and educated herself. She studied and learned the power of detoxification, supplementation, energetic therapies, and healthy homes.  She and her children recovered.


Many years later, Joanne is still passionately sharing her wisdom, experiences through practice, and therapies that work.


Joanne is Certified as an Herbalist, Nutritional Consultant, Vibrational Healer, Reflexologist, Aromatherapist, Esthetician, Darkfield Microscopist, Rife Therapist, Muscle Response Tester, Iridologist, Cleansing Detox Specialist, and Healthy Lifestyle Coach. She stands in the light of being a devoted Christian.

Visiting Healers

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Heather Gurd

Retired Therapeutic Touch™ Practitioner and Teacher

Way of Love Facilitator

Heather Gurd is a born seeker, and along with degrees from University of Waterloo and Wilfred Laurier, she became a  certified Reiki Master and Reflexologist.


Through her personal, medical journey it became apparent that treating the light or energetic body of the self was a game changer  - often facilitating “miraculous” recoveries.   She is now a Retired Therapeutic Touch™ Practitioner and Teacher Emeriti with over 35 years of involvement with the Therapeutic Touch Network of Ontario.

Therapeutic Touch™ continues to be Heather’s preferred vehicle for healing. This technique originally developed by nurses for nurses. It has been described as a massage of light and a reflexive massage of the nervous system.  

Heather started practicing yoga, breathwork, and meditation in 1977 and continues to this day. She learned to heal with herbs, homeopathics, whole foods and essential oils.

For over 30 years Heather has also practiced Sacred Intimacy. In 2009, when  she discovered the simple philosophy and practices of  The Way of Love through the Magdalene traditions it was like a duck to water. 



It is with incredible delight that Heather is now leading Full Moon Magdalene Retreats and Teachings from The Way of Love along with self care  at Dragonfly Medicine House Retreat Spa and Natural Clinic in Lucknow

Now on Sunday mornings, via Zoom, Heather offers a free guided meditation for healing the self, the planet and those we love through a guided meditation in the Way of Love. All are welcome! Join here.

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Bevy Wilson

Energy & Spiritual Teacher & Guide

The Way of Truth

Info Coming Soon!

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