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Dragonfly Medicine House logo Lake Huron Ontario

It's a challenge to get and stay healthy. Joanne knows this too well from her own, personal experience. At the age of 35, she met her biggest challenge with ovarian cancer, along with her two sons having serious illnesses. As a single parent, she realized it was up to her to take charge, get a health education and implement change. Detoxification became her saving grace. Without it, she wouldn't be here today.


After more than 30 years as a Natural Health Practitioner while owning a clinic in Waterloo,  Ontario, Joanne Brophy of Jade Natural Clinic decided to move to where there was the beauty of water, sun, sandy beach and fresh air. So in 2021, she moved to a little village called Lucknow near the west coast of Ontario into a stately, historical house. Before moving, Sacred Spirit told her to name it Dragonfly Medicine House while not knowing why.

She thought she'd retire, but her inner passion for healing would not allow retirement. Her healing colleagues, after visiting saw the vision and felt the vibration of it being a Retreat House. It would be a place for peace, love and connection with self and Spirit. To help people to heal, Joanne brought Jade Natural Clinic with her to be within Dragonfly Medicine House. It is a holistic health clinic in operation for 30 years providing state-of-the-art assessment tools and therapies.


The first weekend  Wellness Retreat occurred in the summer of 2022 called Body, Mind & Spirit Rest & Cleansing Retreat. Dragonfly Medicine House had a Naming Ceremony as a Native Blessing given to it with sacred reverence. Thus began the birth of the Dragonfly Wellness Getaway Retreat Spa.

Later that summer the Alliance of Love & Medicine was born at Dragonfly. It was formed by long-time  friends of Joanne's,  Bevy Wilson, and Heather Gurd. The concept was to have an alliance of exceptional healers sharing their valuable resources.


In this way, Dragonfly has become an oasis for healing sessions, respite, retreats, courses, and seminars for those seeking recovery, growth and wholeness.

Dragonfly House Aug 2022
Front Porch
Outdoor Fire
Dragonfly Front
Dragonfly Side Entrance


Our Vision

The vision of Dragonfly Medicine House Retreat Center  is to foster

hope, strength, peace  and self- sufficiency.

Our Mission

The mission of Dragonfly Medicine House is to create an experience in which men and women can rest,

reflect, grow and connect:

  • Rest from the busyness of their life demands,

  • Reflect on and hear Spirit's  calling in their life for healing.

  • Grow in their walk with their Creator

  • To find divine meaning and purpose in their life.


Our Values

  • Above all, we will serve our visitors by offering them a space away from the busyness of life.

  • Our grounds are quiet and provide adequate space so that retreatants can relax and reflect on their spiritual connection without distraction.

  • To relax in Nature at the nearby beach or in-ground pool on our property.

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