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Virtual Meditations

Come join us in the Sunday Meditations with Heather Grace Gurd!

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Ongoing Sunday mornings

Experience the sublime Magdalene Tradition

of merging our humanity with our divinity.

You are invited to join

Every Sunday morning Heather hosts and guides 

a Way of Love Meditation directly from her website.

Virtual via Zoom

Call opens at 10:45am. Meditation starts at 11:00am.

To participate you must initially Join the free membership on the website with simply your  name and email address. You only need to do this once. Go to 


Then scroll to the bottom of the home page and join.

You will receive an email immediately containing the password which is constant.

Once you have the password,  you can join in our Zoom call

any Sunday morning by going to the website, 

 Click on the login tab and enter the password you received.

We look forward to you being there!


It is a fully guided chakra meditation in the Magdalene Tradition

 merging our humanity with our divinity.

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The Lord’s Prayer and the Chartres Labyrinth


In 2009 Kathleen McGowan published her non-fiction book: The Source of Miracles – 7 Steps to Transforming Your Life Through The Lord’s Prayer. With complete resonance, I started a daily practice of the so called  heretical  protocol of saying The Lord’s Prayer with the Chartres Labyrinth, while focusing on the  ancient, matriarchal values of the six petal rose.



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4 years later, in 2013, I travelled with Katherine Graham to the Chartres Cathedral. There I met “by accident” Janey Green; a fellow Therapeutic Touch™ practitioner.  We gave each other a session in front of the Black Madonna, which had been moved temporarily.  I had a complex energetic experience that quire suddenly knocked me off of my feet.  A clear understanding/knowing arose: Jesus was simply a Yogi, with a message of love. Also, the essence of the Lord’s Prayer is a perfect chakra  roadmap for transcendental or unity consciousness. The accompanying Words of Wisdom came immediately in rhyme .   My daily practice continued. I found this protocol to be powerfully healing not only for myself but for my clients.   Over time contemporary words to the classic prayer arose.

Chartres Labrinth.jpg

The Petals


A  6 petal rose is  in the centre of any Chartres labyrinth.  Petal 1 is to the bottom left of the pathway leading into the very centre. Moving clockwise, the ancient petal properties are:






Forgiveness and


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The Words of Wisdom

Faith is knowing,

Surrender is flowing,

Service activates,

Breathing co-creates,

Forgiveness unifies,

Seeing all perspective is the path of the wise.

Now through Good Grace all transcend,

To live and love and merge again.

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The Pyramid of True Relationship


It is an  original paradigm I created in 1999. I was inspired while meditating in the King’s chamber of the great pyramid on the Giza plateau under a blue moon. Without the generosity of spirit,  Dr. Carolyn Myss, Helen Will, Therapeutic Touch™ and Mike Forler it never would have come together.  

I use this value system, and teach it as a container for safety, as well as  sacred space. I always use it when starting the chakra meditation.  There is no need to memorize the properties listed below as the meditation is fully guided.


The Properties of the Pyramid of True Relationship:


North corner holds Honesty.  Integrity rises. Truth is at the top.

East corner holds Trust. Innocence rises. Grace is at the top.

South corner holds Acceptance.  Presence rises. Peace is at the top.

West corner holds Respect. Compassion rises. Illumination is at the top.


I believe that the Way of Love is a philosophy who’s roots were evidenced in Egypt when the primordial Goddess of Love  Hathor, was worshipped for over 2000 years.


For further information please visit my website:

 For upcoming Full Moon Magdalene Retreats  please visit:

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In Peace and Goodwill

Heather Grace Gurd

The Way of Love Meditation Teacher

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